At bluehour, we have experience in a variety of services. Our founder started out in print design in 1993 and grew in knowledge and experience as new technologies emerged. We're experienced in graphic design, print design, panoramic - 360ยบ photography, audio recording, podcasts, video recording and editing along with the web design. If you have a need for any of those services, please contact us. We still do them all. is the time to focus on mobile friendly web development so you won't see any samples of those other services on our website now. Curious about what it costs? Just fill out our quote request form, no obligation.

Griffin Reynolds Mobile Screen Shot

We designed Griffin Reynolds and Associates desktop web site a few years ago. When it was time to go mobile, it was important to keep the same look and feel of their .com site.

That was accomplished, and the mobile site includes a jquery slide show, contact form, their promotional video, and of course, those wonderful phone links that call the office without any typing.

A QR code was placed on the .com site, and they will soon be replacing many of their printed documents with a new version that includes their QR code. Business cards will be first.

If you have a web site and a smartphone, take a look at your own site and see if you like it.

If you don't have a mobile version, chances are you won't like what you see. Pinching and scrolling and trying to hit those little bitty links gets old fast.

Griffin Reynolds Mobile Screen Shot

It's not a good idea to make it difficult for potential clients to spend money with your business.

We can help when you're ready. And rest assured you will do this, the question is how much business will you miss before you get "mobile friendly".

These squiggle squares, as we've heard them called, may be the best reason to get a mobile site. The QR code will connect people to your mobile site using a free scanning app on their smartphone or tablet.

More people will be able to view your internet marketing message once you've gone mobile.

We're convinced mobile web sites are just like computers and desktop web sites were in the past. Everyone will eventually have one, so why continue to miss potential business?

Let's find a solution for you!

4 Samples of Responsive Sites We've Developed

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